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HU + CarPC?

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  • HU + CarPC?

    how do you hook up a HU (pioneer deh-p880prs) to work with a carpc? i want to use the HU for preouts and volume control. im having a problem right now with my constant and switched 12v wires in my factory wiring in the dash, as my HU wont power on, but i powered it on directly from the battery and it goes on fine. im gonna test the wires later today after work. how can i run a new switched 12v wire if the factory one somehow shorted out? also, how do you wire up a dc-dc psu? constant 12v and ground?

    thanks and sorry if these questions have been asked before

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    Read this:
    It specifically addresses your question.

    Then read this:

    Then move on to this:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for the fast reply!


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        messed up wires

        it sounds like you have a blown fuse or you maybe aren't using the factory ground wire. Has the Pioneer ever worked? If not, the take a look to make sure you are using the OE ground wire... It is not part of the wiring harness, it was bolted to the back of the factory radio and is either a braded steel cable with a ring or half-ring on the end or a skinny black wire with either a flat connector or a ring connector. It's not common to overlook this since it's not directly part of the wiring harness. Otherwise, I'd check your fuses, both in the car and under the hood.