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    A little confused...

    In the description of the M2-ATX from the mp3car store it says this PSU can handle 8A on the 12v rail, meanings it can handle only 96w. Why then is it advertised as being a 160w output PSU? Is this because it is a sum of the wattage supplied by all three rails?

    One more thing kind of off topic, is there a difference between ITX motherboards and ATX motherboards? the descriptions in the store say some PSU's are for ITX mb's and other say ATX, is there a difference?


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    First, you need to quit asking quyestions int eh FAQ Emporium subforum unless you're adding information.

    Second, you're correct. The 160w rating is the total output on all three rails. 96 + 24 + 40 = 160.
    The rating is calculated the same as the rating for a desktop power supply.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      size and mounting points are one major difference between the itx and the atx boards. they use the same power connector so you'll be fine with the m2-atx as long as you are within the power requirments.
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