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Non-Creative external dd/dts decoders?

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  • Non-Creative external dd/dts decoders?

    So I'm slowly compiling a collection of bits for the intended 5.1 car pc build...

    At home I use an Auzentech soundcard which does on the fly dd or dts encoding and allows you to utilize your surrounds with your digital out instead of automatically switching to two channel(a'la xfi... grrr). The difference in the external decoding when playing a dvd is phenomenal. Head and shoulders above any soundcard I've heard thus far. I'm sure the sound suffers a little with other media, but the flexibility is amazing and I'm just happy to not have my pc stuck in stereo the rest of the time.

    Anyways, that leads into my question-I want to run one of these cards in my carpc and use a decent external decoder if possible. Is there any good car-friendly standalone decoders that aren't ridiculously pricy? I've been eyeing up the old klipsch promedia dd 5.1 standalone which runs on 12v but they're regularly fetching over $200 USD on ebay. I think Clarion makes an in-car one that goes for about $500... $gulp$...

    Any others anyone knows of? I'd love to avoid soundcard 5.1 decoding- bleah!