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Looking to set up a PC in my 4WD

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  • Looking to set up a PC in my 4WD

    Hi this is my first post, I know nothing about these carputers.
    There's only one place in Australia that sells these units and I'm not sure if they are entry level or top of the range gear.

    This is what I can buy from Down Under.

    Is this what I should start with ?
    What processor should i buy and would a 60 Gig hard drive be ok ?

    I only need it for Topo maps in Australia, I have 20 gigs of maps, including Mapsource .

    I'm also looking at buying the Lilliput 8" screen, with maps I find it's good to see whats ahead more than whats on the side.

    All of this will go into a Nissan Patrol 4x4 in which I go bush a lot, corrugations are bad here.

    You guys in USA have it easy with the range you can choose from, All we got is one distributor and there about 500 miles from me
    or I buy from a Yum Cha shop in China.

    Thanks in advance

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    it says it's a sumicom form factor. It's alright for a car computer. If you can, just browse the internet for something you want. You might want all the bells and whistles, or you might just want the basics. If cost is something you're concerned with.. I'd suggest you look around.

    For me, 60gb is a lot for a hd. I'm using a 20gb laptop hd just for some videos, music, games, and the nav system. I'm not really using internet or doing anything else on this computer. If you think it's right, go for it.. It's all preference.

    Not really sure if I helped you at all... just my $0.02


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      Another question, is there a place in this forum which lists all the different makes and model carputers.
      All I know is sumicom and Streetdeck.

      I need to know what this before we google.
      Is it possible for the owners of this site to make a section which lists all the hardware so for future readers can browse.


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        not sure if there's a list but have you tried the store? some makes and models i know of are the aopen pandora, via mini pcs, the m10000 thing, and the mini-itx boards. it really is just a small computer that you mount in your car. you can have any other computer in there too.. it just takes up space tho. i personally got an aopen pandora mp915 cuz it's pretty small and it looks like a mac. altho, you can get a mac too that's problably the same size.. the reason i didn't get one is because i'm not too familiar with the interface of a mac.


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          G'Day 4WDer, I too am doing a build in a Nissan Patrol, looking forward to getting amongst it.

          That system looks like it'd be fine, I guess it depends on what you want to do with your system.

          I went a cheaper route and bought an old notebook off ebay with a broken screen and mounted it on a department of the interior roof console. I really only want to run ozi-explorer and play music so the celeron 566 should be enough. Got the 8" lilliput from ching chow imports and installed it yesterday, doesn't handle the glare too well so think I'll tilt it back further.

          Where did you get all your maps from? I've got NSW at 1:100k plus the national parks at 1:25k but that's it at the moment.