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    I have a 2000 Chevy s-10 Blazer with 2 10" Xplosive Subs. I Want to put new door speakers in it but i wouldnt know what size they are and how would they install. It seems that mine are semi blown becuase that rattle alot...

    any help is apprecitaed.


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    try the audio forum. Plus you probably need to be more specific about your setup and the problems. If your speakers are blown they would act a lot worse than just rattle. It could be your HU is underpowered for the speakers causing distortion at the louder levels. Explain a bit more about your situation and I bet someone will help you out with an answer.


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      well my main question is what speakers should i put in my 2 front doors for good bass and sound quality?....i dont think my HU is underpowerd becuase i have a Alpine CDA-9820XM Built-In XM Tuner/CD Receiver.


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        I would recommend JL Audio to anyone. You can get a great pair of componet speakers for about $200. Check out there web site. Also the rattling might be just the door itself. you might want to think about Dynamating the inside of the door to reduce vibration.

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          Your truck will have 6.5" in the doors, 6x9" in the rear, and possibly a pair of 4x6" in the dash (was a factory option). Check out for a listing of what will fit in the factory locations. Depending on if you have manual or power windows, mounting depth in the doors might be an issue for you.

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            Originally posted by laxs1308 View Post
            i dont think my HU is underpowerd becuase i have a Alpine CDA-9820XM Built-In XM Tuner/CD Receiver.
            now.... explain why that HU shouldn't be underpowering your speakers because alpine is a good brand? well, so are becker, nakamishi, eclipse, pioneer, clarion, and many others. brand has nothing to do with output power. And a HU basicaly has an output of about 15-20Wrms per chanel. so yes, your HU is probably underpowering your speakers.
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