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Newbie power issue

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  • Newbie power issue

    I've been using my carputer for a few weeks now and I love it except for one problem.

    I have my carputers power hooked up to my IGN power of my vehicle. When the car is on my laptop is powered and I am able to charge the laptop and everything works great. However, when I just have the key in the ignition turned forward my laptop wont run off the cars battery. Instead, the laptop runs off its own power until it eventually dies.

    I'm really confused, my touchscreen is hooked up to the accy power and it turns on no matter if the car is on or off.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    2001 SS Camaro carputer | My solar dish project/

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    In most cars there are two Ignition wires. Sounds like you tapped into the ignition 2 for your laptop.
    How do you want it to operate? Always on, only on with the car?
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      I want the laptop to be powered by the vehicle when the key is turned to IGN. When the key is not in the ignition at all I want to be able to turn the laptop on and have it run completely off the laptops battery (so I can transfer stuff to it without draining the cars battery).

      Right now it's pulling power from the IGN wire even when the key isn't in O.o, I can't explain why. Even when it's pulling power (it's lighting up my external USB hub) it doesn't power the laptop which is hooked up to the same power source. However, it DOES power the laptop when I turn on the car.
      2001 SS Camaro carputer | My solar dish project/