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Another Newbie carputer install

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  • Another Newbie carputer install

    Firstly hello all.

    Ive been looking and learning here for about a week now and have built and installed my first carputer. So far it owes me $100 AUS. I am pretty pleased with the result and the sat nav is exceptional.

    Heres the run down, P4 1.6, asus mobo, 10gig HD, 768MB ram, geforce2 400 video card, dvd drive, serial GPS receiver, 250w 240v power supply, 15inch LCD and a UPS in a custom made box that i will call rev 2. (rev1 did not even get bent). Rev3 is in planning now.

    The above is running XP Media Centre, Destinator and Map Monkey.

    I was happy today to be able to *hack* my UPS to run my carputer via the 12 volt supply.... (all to the boys at works supprise).

    Anyway thanks to all for the inspiration.

    Pics soon,


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    good job.... post the pics
    2003 E46 BMW
    Lilliput Transflective, GM965 mobo w/ Processor
    ELMSCAN 5 USB, Slot load DVD, BU-353 GPS
    Everything is for sale.