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what screen for good picture with xbox

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  • what screen for good picture with xbox

    Hi, i'm putting an xbox in my car, I was given a cheap *** veba screen to try out but the picture quality was dire. So I've been looking aroung for a better quality screen and started thinking if I spent a bit more cash on something like an alpine or sony headrest monitor I might get a better picture.

    However the technical help guy at alpine told me that I would be unlikely to get a better picture using their screen as it is the same resolution as the veba. So I think I need something like this

    I dont need a touch screen cos the xbox doesn't use it. what do you think? I'm worried that the Xenarc or Lilliput screens will have a resolution so high that the xbox image on screen will have black borders in order to make it fit. I'd like to hear from anyone who can recommend a good screen that gives a bloody good picture when using an xbox - price isn't much of an issue.

    Many thanks.

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    which x-box xbox or xbox 360 you might want to check out resolution specs

    pretty much the differences in prices, and screens viewing angle, and since you don't need touchscreen, i don't think is gonna matter cause the standard x-box console is like 800 x 600 resolution if not less

    most of them are widescreen are 800 X 480 so you might want to look @ 4 : 3 ratio monitors

    R. T. F. M