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Comparing low-end in-dash TV/DVD players

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  • Comparing low-end in-dash TV/DVD players

    Hi, I am new to these forums (and I hope I am posting in the correct section). I joined hoping some of you can give me some insight on a few stereo systems I am trying to decide from. I am looking at:

    Legacy LD53UM
    Pyle PLD53MUT
    Innovatek DVD-993 or 990

    The main functions I would like are as follows:

    Mp3 play
    DVD play
    2.5-3.5Ē in-dash screen

    Obviously, by looking at the 3 options I have listed, I am not willing to spend a great deal of money on this. $250USD +/- is about my range. I realize that Pyle, Legacy, and various Chinese off brands arenít ideal selections, but hey Iím poor and I want TV in my car. There are a few other systems I have passed by, and I am definitely open to suggestions. I am slightly flexible with my options. I really just want something that meets my criteria and wonít break. Aside from that obvious fact and my aforementioned preferred options, I also want something with aesthetic appeal. I noticed that these 3 players will likely stick out in the dash. It would be nice to find one that didnít but I am willing to deal with it if it has to be. Pictures of installed devices would be nice.

    I have searched and found some information on these and other various players on the market. literature and reviews for most of them seem fairly limited. If any of you know anything about these systems or better ones for roughly the same price, please feel free to comment.

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    I just happened to get the Pyle one a couple days ago. I've posted information (and soon a review) along with several photos at



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      Just ordered the 4 inch Lanzar SD4MU DVD. I will have to see when it arrives if it has any of the probs with the past Innovatek style models. Seems they have fixed alot of the probs. that earlier models had.(Sub out, Euro/USA switch, different color backgrounds) Got it from shipping)...but here is a link to some good pictures of it from a different seller.
      Lanzar SD4MU Here


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        OK, EvilGTI...

        You've posted teh same thing in four threads dealing with low-end budget knock-off car audio.

        Great. You're getting a Lanzar whatsis.... We know. We don't need to be informed four times in four seperate threads.

        When you get it installed and have some face time with it, post a review. But please, keep your posting sane....
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

        Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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          Actaully 5 threads...but whos countin. Lanzar=Tru Gangsta
          Posse UP!!!