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Another new guy w/ computer specs

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  • Another new guy w/ computer specs

    AMD Mobile 1.8ghz Sempron $40-$50(ebay)

    M2-ATX 90$

    Lilliput 8" $200-260?

    MSI K8MM-ILSR $45

    and probably 512 or 1g of ram and ill use one of my hard drives laying around 16g and thats about all for now, ill eventually add a slot load dvd and other stuff.

    Is this a good system or is it too powerful/hot/waste of electricity?

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    that seems plenty for a carpc

    hot? nahh.. I doubt it

    by the way, I had that mobo too but it was too big for my application so I had to go for the smaller VIA boards... but that board is REALLY nice.. I gave it to my friend and he hooked up a SATA Raptor and that bad boy starts the PC in less than 15-20 seconds from Hibernate... very solid!



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      how much power that mobo will run on?
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