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95% done, Need help with front end

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  • 95% done, Need help with front end

    Alright, this is what i have setup, in a 99 Jeep GC Laredo

    Celeron 1.3 ghz
    128 mb ram
    40gb 4200 rpm drive(picked those 3 up for 90 bucks on ebay, mini itx)
    composite out

    Im running xp pro, oem, not anything special...
    8" touchscreen monitor (thinking abour building in dash)

    Startup time is great, no problem there, i'm running windows media player for my music, Microsoft streets and trips 06 for GPS and i just have IE6 for surfing.

    Sound is hooked up trough deck to auxilery in, deck also have DVD build in (jvc) so I do not use front end for dvd playing (but will for divx)

    I'm looking for a frontend that can use streets ans trips, OR free gps software. and I'm mainly focused on music,

    mostly i need to sort by genre, and i love shuffle

    I've got a 1400 watt inverter, hooked trough a toggle switch on the dash, Screen and itx run of the inverter. Screen is mounted ON the dash now, and itx is mounted in the compartment between the chairs, all cables run trough the lille shaft there at the shifter deal...

    Works awesome, plenty fast for me, just want an easier touch control for my music

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    check this section out it lists most frontends:

    I personally recomend
    1) roadrunner (with simplistique skin)

    2) mobile impact

    I cant decide on which one to use ...I love the audio interface of mobile impact, but i dont like its video interface. I do like roadrunner's (simplistique) video interface however... so i use both. One on one day and the other on another... depending on my mood. Both are excellent.

    If your not too familiar with front ends, and want something that will mostlikely just work with little configuration, get mobile impact. its simple to set up. and quite fast.