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hooking up a laptop to car speakers?

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  • hooking up a laptop to car speakers?

    i finally got my liliput to work, i run it off my laptop.
    i pretty much just need to find a way to power it while the car is running, and also how would i make the car speakers work when i play songs off of the laptop?

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    are you still running your existing deck? Does it have an AUX in? If so then you can use the HU as the amp to get the signals to your speakers. Else you're looking at getting some amps to connect the speakers to the laptop. Check out the FAQ's.


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      Links or any more info? I dont know what HU is bcz I am also a noob. Let me know if you find any links. I have the same question as this dude.


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        The "HU" guizai referred to is the head unit. Where you tune your radio station or pick what CD you want to listen to.

        If you're looking for a budget solution to this, you could always pickup an FM transmitter. Otherwise, what guizai said, you'll need to get some additional hardware or a new headunit.