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  • Need input on idea for Project

    Hey guys,

    -Christmas is coming up soon, well kind of. So it's that time of year again to plan ahead and think about goodies and such to pickup for the holiday season. So my old man comes to me to inform me about his AMEX Reward points he's got stocked up. So I'm like, perfect time to get some stuff for this project that I've been thinking about.

    -This summer I'm waiting to get a BMW 318ti. I want to keep it looking stock, so I don't get that ricer feeling. I want it to be luxury, tricked out, but with class.

    -So I've come across a headunit/screen on Crutchfield (which is also available through AMEX rewards) that does just about everything I'm looking for. It is the Dual XDVD8181. Features DVD playing, MP3 playing, MP3 Player Input, rear view camera, video out/in.

    -One thing that it lacks is GPS. However before this driving around my parent's cars, I've had the benefit of my laptop with a GPS dongle and software. So now it strikes me to make a carputer, place it in the trunk and use a wireless kb/mouse to control the computer (because the touchscreen is useless without any kind of drivers or connection to and from the computer).
    With the wireless KB/Mouse setup they could easily be stowed either underneath the passenger seat or if it's small enough, in the glove compartment (im not 100% sure what kind of spacing im dealing with)

    So really what I'm asking is for your opinion. I lack the foresight needed for this project to predict any problems that will show up. I'm confident enough that I can make everything work. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about starting and shutting down the PC.

    -For those of you who own UPS Backup batteries, you know that when the power source has shut off, there is software on the computer to shut down the PC, is there an inverter out there that can do the same for CarPC's? Worst case scenario is to wire up a momentary switch to my dash or center console and just manually turn off and on the computer. Long term storage I'll disconnect the battery so the inverter doesn't drain it.

    So if you guys have any particular gripes about the headunit where I definately shouldn't get it, even if it's free (because I could always get like an 80 gig iPod or something.. even though I have an iPod already.) Or a Wireless Keyboard/Mouse to recommend. I'm all ears and appreciate you guys for reading this long and tedious post. This isn't my first time being apart of a forum, and I'm hardly a noob in most fields, but Car video/audio is a new scene for me, so bear with me Appreciate the help guys (and girls )

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    So I did some more reading and browsing and found the answer to the whole hard starts and stop of the power source to the computer. With the help of an SDC I suppose that's my answer right there

    I'm still debating whether to go wireless mouse or touchpad, or maybe both? and a wireless keyboard.


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      this is a sweet keyboard/touchpad combo for cars.



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        Ok so I've been thinking about parts and where they could go.

        1. I'm liking the idea of a touchpad near the shifter/arm rest for easy driver control of the mouse.

        2. For other passengers (or driver for that fact) use of a backup mouse and keyboard for regular use would be this kb/joystick mouse combo. I'm hoping to find the black one somewhere on the net.

        3. For the headunit / screen I'm still set on the Dual XDVD8181 because I'll be getting it for "free" (AMEX Reward Points)

        4. As for the carputer components I'm still not sure.
        I'll either be going with a cheap laptop with video out or a mini-ITX board with a pci tv tuner with video out or something related. I still don't know if I want to use a notebook harddrive or 3.5" drive. I'm thinking a slim DVD drive mounted somewhere up front for easy loading of movies.
        I've been looking at this one
        Lite On


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          I've had a total change of heart. Continuing to browse the forums I've decided to scrap my previous plans and just do it correctly.

          Separate head unit and most likely a Lilliput Touchscreen.

          Going with an Adesso Wireless KB

          A Hitachi E7K100 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" HD

          Corsair 512MB DDR PC2100 / 266 mhz

          D-Link 7 Port USB Hub

          This time, I'm planning on using the MII12000 Mobo/CPU combo.
          Along with it, I'll pickup the Ampie enclosure and the M2 160W PSU.

          For a screen and Head unit I'm still not 100% sure yet. I'm going for the visuals before I go for the audio quality, but they go hand in hand so those two key factors are still to be decided. The RAM, KB and HD have been ordered and the mobo, case and psu are next on the list. Hopefully I can document it and put up a project log for enjoyment and reference.

          Til the next post


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            nice.. .. i am going to be working on my carputer project for my e46 as well in the next couple of weeks, have to start purchasing parts ..

            Off-Topic : but mind me asking wich AMEX card your old man is using ?? shoot i have amex card but the rewards are no free car audio stuff.. ehhe.. instead its dine here and there for a percentage off.. lol.. wondering if i should cancel my current amex card and go with whichever one it is that your old man is using anyhow, thanks again..