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  • Lill in a din

    I want to buy a lill 7" will it fit in a din slot??

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    um, unless its 7'' by 1'' probably not... unless your refering to a motorized style flip screen. in that case if it says, single din style, or something of the sort, than thats a good clue. how about you check out lilliputs website. i bet you might find something called "information" or "specifications"......
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      It will indeed fit in a single DIN slot, with 2 conditions: you have to modify the plastic frame that it comes in and you can't have it be flush-mounted. Mine doesn't quite slide in an empty DIN slot when it's in its frame, but when I take the screen out there's room to spare. That said, it's NOT a fast thing to do; I've been working on mounting the thing for a while, and now that I don't have access to any good metalworking machines, I don't see a good way to mount it.
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        Originally posted by redls1bird View Post
        um, unless its 7'' by 1'' probably not...
        Or maybe 7" x 2" even?

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          1" tall is more like a half din slot...
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