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    My name is Wil, I live in CA, and I own an 02 wrx. Although I'm a complete noob when it comes to carputers, I am somewhat well-versed with power/suspension mods. I am hoping to build a rather simple setup with my powerbook g4. I'm glad to be part of this community and have already gone through a couple of the FAQs. I feel really lost, so I guess I have a lot of searching and reading to do...

    First question:
    1. My wall charger's DC output is 24 volts, but the battery's is 14... what gives? Should I look for a DC-DC psu that will convert 12 to 24, or will 12 to 14 be sufficient? Will the CNX-P1900 work well with the powerbook? Any other suggestions for power source? (I looked at that list with all the processor specs, but couldn't find anything for the g4)
    2. How does the touch screen send the computer what it "feels?" Is it via the vga connection, or is there an additional connection (like usb)?

    I'm sure I've already said something very newbish, so I apologize in advance and ask that you guys take it easy on me. I'll get my flame suit on though, just in case.

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    I don't have nor do I work on macs, so can't help with #1.

    As for your second ?, it is sent through USB usually. Sometimes a DB9 (Old serial connector), but all new ones are USB.
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      Anyone else?


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        Look at the back of your laptop to see what voltage and current is required to run it when "plugged in."

        You'll need a DC-DC step up converter with a input voltage range (see what the absolute minimum is for a certain output), but make sure it can handle outputting the rated voltage and current. That's if you want to wire it directly to the laptop.

        If you want to use the charger cable, then you'll need an inverter to run the charger.