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carpc with subs?

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  • carpc with subs?

    Ok, so i have 2 12w3v2's in my car with a 500/1... now i was planning on having the carpc in the trunk, but i realize that this might mess with the harddrive if i have the base going..?

    any ideas?

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    Base going? You're cooking up the cocaine in your trunk?!?!?!?!
    That can't be safe!

    I know you mean BASS, but I had to bust your chops for the typo. It was funny in my head.

    Here's a test. Take a piece of steel and see if the magnets from the subwoofers will stay on your enclosure from the subs' magnets. If it doesn't stick, you're not going to have problesm w/ the HDD and teh sub's magnets.

    Really, man. This has been covered in this forum repeatedly. You should try searching.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      well i ment the vibrations, not the magnet


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        that's been covered too. consider using low durometer urethane bushings to isolate your mounting screws from the bracket or surface that you mount your PC to.
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          I'm fond of telling people that the heads on a hard drive fly above the platters of a drive at a distance of less then the thickness of a human hair.

          That being said, hard drives are surpisingly durable. As long as you don't mount your car PC to your sub box, you shouldn't run into any problems. I personally I have my car PC mounted in the trunk, hanging underneath the old stock amplifier. I am not the slightest bit worried about my sub shaking the PC apart.
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            Originally posted by fluffy2097 View Post
            I'm fond of telling people that the heads on a hard drive fly above the platters of a drive at a distance of less then the thickness of a human hair.
            There are a number of large threads on the forum that address this subject...but they can be summarized thusly:
            • For the majority of users who have an opinon about hard drive life on, mounting hard drives *near, on, or beside their subs does not adversely affect the drive's life in any quantifible way.
            • Although some users have spent considerable time and money attempting to isolate their drives from any and all vibration, other users point out that it can be a much more effective use of said time and money to buy a drive with a multiple year warranty from the manafacturer or the retail store it was purchased from as insurance. If the drive fails, then return it to the manafacturer/store for a replacement.

            I'd just buy a hard drive with a warranty, occasionally ghost/backup the drive, and use the warranty if the drive fails...and not invest too much time or energy attempting to prevent a failure that might never occur.

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              also, i guarentee you the rare earth magnet inside the hard drive is way stronger than any sub magnet. i laugh everytime i hear someone say somthing like... dont use magnetic screwdrivers when working on your computer, you can break it, the only thing you have to worry about is static electricity, but back to the topic, i doubt that 2 12w3s will mess up your hard drive, maybe 2 12w7's, but anything probally under 150 db shouldnt do any damage.


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                I have had my hard drive sitting on my sub enclosure since it was installed. I've had absolutely no problems.
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                  Thanks for all the posts, sorry i didnt spend much time looking.