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Suggestion for a front end.

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  • Suggestion for a front end.

    I don't know much about Front Ends, but I have researched the topic a bit to know enough of how they function.

    For this reason, I thought I would suggest an idea of mine for a new front end to be used. Has anyone ever heard of WinU? It is supposed to be an application which limits access to your computer and loads its own window with customizable buttons.

    This might not be a perfect front end or as functional as other front ends such as Road Runner, but I thought I might suggest it anyways.

    Check it out here:
    Check out my GMC Savana worklog.

    Remaining tasks to facilitate vanputer installation codename "Enterprise":
    - Edit skin to liking.
    - Get compatible phone for
    - Facilitate HVAC control.

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    I guess it could work, I believe the front ends such as road runner, centrafuse, and I'm sure others should be just as customizable. They look better too. I use roadrunner, and I know its a bit more complicated to change buttons, but I have also used centrafuse and know that the buttons in there can be changed pretty easily if I recall. I guess it would be nice to have the feature that limits access if you have children, but I don't think that you can really change much from the roadrunner screen that will mess anything up depending upon how you design your menus of course. Just my 2 cents.
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