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LCD Touch Screen Monitors Compatible with Gooseneck?

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  • LCD Touch Screen Monitors Compatible with Gooseneck?

    I am building my first car PC. I have decided to go with a Pyle gooseneck mount, at least for now for simplicity sake - I don't really want to mess with my in-dash CD changer anyway.

    I have been told that some touch screen monitors have a threaded mounting hole on the underside for use with a gooseneck mount, and some do not. This mounting hole will also make it easy to install/uninstall it quickly so I can stash it under the seat when not in use.

    I think Xenarc mounts directly on to a gooseneck, but not sure about Lilliput. Anyone have this info?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mine is an Ex-Audio and it has threading on it. Same thread as on my camera and everything. I didn't use it, but it was there and seems standard. Ex-Audio is a hong kong ripoff of lilliput btw.
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