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    My names Rick, from Cheshire, 26 yrs old. Really interested in building my own in car PC. After seeing StevieG's install I was blown away. Can't wait to start my little project.

    Can anyone recommend a spec list (close to StevieG's) of the componants I need to get.

    Thanks in advance for your input.


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    Cheshire?? is that somewhere in our solar system??

    You are going to have to do some homework to figure out what works for you, there are a lot to choose from and many options. You are in the right place tho", start reading here and then make sure to look around in the fabrication forum, lots of ideas there.

    If you don't know where to start, maybe you already have an old computer or laptop you don't mind tearing apart..

    Search and read a little before you ask questions and you will have fun (and be frustrated sometimes) building your carputer.
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    Lilliput 7" 629GL 2008 LED Backlight
    BU-353 USB GPS Receiver / iGuidance / IGO8
    M2-ATX Power Supply
    RideRunner Front End / Various Skins
    Windows XP SP3


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      Hi Rick,

      most people on here are in the US, so wont know where Cheshire is. I'm only in Manchester so I have some idea. lol.

      The components you want are up to you really, its not a "one size fits all" thing, so you will need to do a bit of reading to see whats best for you.


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        LOL thanks DavC!

        Yeah Cheshire is a county in England for our American friends


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          if you fancy seeing some installs in astras and the like, you should pay a visit, theres a couple on there. (most know where cheshire is too )


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            Cheers matey, registered on there last night.

            Have you got an install?


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              Originally posted by RickG View Post
              Cheers matey, registered on there last night.

              Have you got an install?
              not installed anything in my car yet. I've bought all the parts except a screen. I've fitted an amp in the boot for when I remove the headunit, but thats just running off the headunit still at the moment.

              I'm still undecided about the screen. I've got a vectra and what I want to do/am trying to do, is move the heater controls to the cup holder area so I have enough space to mould a screen intot he dash where the stereo/heater controls are now. Failing this I will get a single DIN motorised screen. Thats where your lucky with the astra, its far more carpc friendly.