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    I have a query with regards to power for my car pc and screen. The PC is set up and ready to roll on my desk at home so that side is not an issue. The problem i am having is with powering it!! What is the best way to get power?? I found this on ebay would this type of solution be OK or are there better options out there? The system is a Optiplex GX260 with no internal cd drive, but it will need to power a couple of USB hubs and 7 devices plugged into those! Also if i were to run something like this then could i install a splitter to split the cigarette lighter at the front of the car so that the screen would come of one cigarette lighter and the pc would come off the other cigarette lighter which the inverter would be plugged into.



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    Don't use the cigarette lighter for the PC...

    As for how to power it? Here's a good starting point:
    It's a long read with lots of information. Get some popcorn and a drink.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks ill give it a read!!