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Another Newbie... quick start at least

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  • Another Newbie... quick start at least

    Hi guys; just another newbie here trying to put a CarPC in my Elantra hatchback. So far... well, it's working, sort of. The PC itself is a small desktop and 12V 100w Power supply I got as a used CarPC on eBay. It ain't pretty but it runs. The screen is an SBO2 7" touchscreen that works well but won't fit easily in the dash. So for various reasons this setup is sort of preliminary.

    One big reason is that it's soldered into the cigarette lighter circuit so it's limited to 15A @ 12V = 180W max. How do you guys avoid this problem? What wires do you splice into, or how do you run wires to the battery, etc?

    Also, the LCD has worked fine at 800x600 in WinXP Home before, but for some reason with XP Pro it says "Signal Out of Range," at that resolution. I've forced it to 640x480 which is easy to use but limits things a bit. Any idea why it's not getting 800x600 in XP Pro?

    My current big problem is that the HDD is "clicking," and sometimes the system crashes and won't boot for a while. I think the drive is bad, but could this be a power supply problem? I'd think 100W is plenty for my setup but maybe not? : AMD Duron 850MHz ; 256MB pc133 SDRAM ; 30GB desktop HDD
    Integrated video, audio, LAN, 4xUSB (not in use).

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    Wishlist: GPS receiver, OBD-II interface, FM/TV Tuner.
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    Sounds like you have the click of death. Get a new drive.


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      You can either run a new wire from the battery or find a wiring diagram and see what wires behind your dash would be good to tap into. You might consider the power wire for your stock radio.
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        Direct to battery is the for sure way to get the current and voltage wuality you may need.

        That HD sound is ominous...maybe the intermiient probl will become permanent, forcing yr hand...I don't think it's funny, just experience has shown...

        back up files, etc ASAP to save what you can just in case.

        This shut down the won't reboot thing could very well be your psu is inadequate for that 'small' desktop yoy're running. What was the pc's orig psu rated at? Is your dc/dc unit large enuf??

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