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  • CarPC

    Ok, i need to know what is better for someone on a budget like me, should i buy a laptop or a carpc? I know i won't get as much out of a laptop but won't it be cheaper? I also have to know if i did use a laptop if i could hook it up? Because the most i've ever done is hook up some LED's in my vents. I understand how computers and wireing works. But i need a simple but compresive guide on what i would need, and if i could even do it myself. I'm only 17. And i only have maybe 600-700 USD for the project. Any help would be great. Thanks. -cnelson.

    heres my idea, would it work?

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    Ok, i'm thinking about getting this carputer off ebay; Then buying the lilliput 7in. from here. But now what i need to know; How do i keep the radio working? And also how do i hook up my speakers? I don't want to go buy an amp could i mount my radio in my glove box then just run the speakers out of there and use the AUX input on the radio to get a siginal from the computer? But even if that works how do i keep the radio? And how do i get the computer to turn on with the car shut off the right way?