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planned carpc specs, what do u think?.. suggestions?

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  • planned carpc specs, what do u think?.. suggestions?

    hi all, been lurking for a while, learning a lot of good stuff.. just wanted to get the experts thoughts on a system.. the test mule is a 96 s-10 blazer, but all will go into a honda ridgeline as soon as i get it

    what i want it to do:

    everything! bluetooth phone, surround sound, mp3, navi, aux in (ipod), neon lights, trip computer, wireless internet hot spot, fm radio, sirius, dvd, steering wheel controls.. and just about anything and everything else there is out there to do/ control..

    Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz , 2G ram, WinXP Pro

    front end:

    streetdeck (unless rr will control more aftermarket stuff.. obd, neon, windows, etc)

    monitor: transreflective 6" ? don't know quite yet

    CD/DVD Drive: i'd like to put one in the box, and one in the dash, suggestions? can dvd players go wireless?

    WiFi Adapters: Linksys USB Wireless G

    Bluetooth: None Linksys USB Bluetooth [Add $55.00]

    Sound: Advantage Roadie 7.1 USB Externall Surround Sound

    i'm still searching looking for other people's systems to get an idea of how to proceed, but please let me know if i'm on the right track here..