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  • Another critique?

    I saw how well everyone critiqued bobbykokinos carPC setup I figured I might try the same. Here is what I "think" I have figured out....

    Display: Dynamix 7" 706 Touchscreen
    Hoping to get this from somewhere (mp3car may have their version in stock soon). Want this one because of brightness, auto-on/off and no cutting required.

    Case/DVD/Board: AOpen Mini PC MP945-VX MiniPC w/ Intel 945GM
    This comes with a DVD+-R, etc and in a nice little case with 19V input.

    Processor: T2300 Core 2 Duo
    Left of from laptop that flew out of backpack while on motorcycle.

    Memory: 512MB PC2 4200 SO DIMM
    See above process comments. I have 2 of these DIMMs

    Hard Drive:Seagate 100GB 5400 RPM SATA mobile
    Will buy once AOpen arrives.

    Regualtor: Carnetix P2140
    Thought this would be good since it gives room for growth however the P1900 may be enough.

    GPS Software/Reciever: iGuidance + BU353
    Got these and they seem to play well. Have MS Streets 2007 and it was no fun to play with. Can't imagine it with a touch screen.

    Stereo: Sticking with factory for now. I think the Soundgate AUXNISSv3 will work on my car but I need to check the back of the deck or call Nissan with my model number to see if it allows a CD pack.

    Front End: Road Runner and who knows which skin.

    OBDII: No idea yet. Any suggestions?

    WiFi: No idea yet but haven't looked hard.

    The 350Z doesn't have much space so I want to keep things fairly compact. I like the AOpen Mini PC since it will handle my leftover parts and doesn't pull much juice while at the same time giving me a little bit of power. I would love to trade my 2 512MB chips for a 1GB but that can wait. I had the MiniPC but returned it because the system refused to see the drive. Now I figure I should wait until I can get my display since that is what is holding the whole process up. If I am out to lunch on anything please let me know. Thanks!

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    I guess no one has any comments. I will move ahead with this then.


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      Looks good to me especially the part about already having many components.

      Make sure that air can move around to aid in cooling (don't seal it in a small box).

      I really like my Opus 120 your PS choice is the only part I cannot comment on.

      There are web pages listed that calculate the amount of power required, by voltage. You want a little bit of overhead.
      current projects