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required for my carputer

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  • required for my carputer

    I am currently in the progress of making a carputer,

    So far i have:
    shuttle pc running about 1.2g processor, 60gb hd and 128ram
    Its running xp
    lilliput 8"touchscreen (fianlly got the touchscreen to work!!)
    wireless keyboard microsoft one
    recently (last night downloaded) media engine

    My prob is how do i use the fm radio feature do i need an aerial??
    How do i change the skin i have downloaded one but unsure sure how to upload to the ME??

    i have a 12v-240v power supply in the rear of the car whats the cheapest way around getting the pc to turn on and off. i dont mind even running a switch from the power supplyback to the front of the dash (pc in the boot)
    Can i connect the pc main power on/off button so its always on when the power supply is on??

    alll help is beneficial even if you say give up now fool!