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I want a solid platform! where do I start Powerwise?

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  • I want a solid platform! where do I start Powerwise?

    Hey All I'm not new to the forum been watching a while but I believe I am ready b/c I just bought a truck and I want to set it up so that I can build it in the future but I want to get the power setup so I can use tons of accessories then integrate them later with a PC.

    It is a 1996 Dodge 2500 Cummins Diesel. IT has dual batteries already and has an high-output alternator b/c diesels need the power at lower RPM's. It does have two amps and a head unit installed but because of the birds nest of wires is why I want to redo the power supplying it as well as have enough for using my laptop, GPS, Extra lights, as well as a Auto cooler that I keep with me on road trips!

    I will add a screen or two as well as DVD player and a more permanent computer but I don't want to start building a PC and find I need to find more power to run it!

    Any help or direction is appreciated. I saw the FAQ on inverters and converters but that sounded like more way to power the PC and accesories itself. I'm asking now what should I use to get a good source of power from. Like Should I get a board or a block to just tie everything into b/c I want a clean install and not everything jumbled up on the batteries and nest of wires balled up under the dash! Thank you for your time!

    Justin T.

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    distribution blocks.

    it to learn more. That's how it's done.

    run a single wire off of the battery back to a distribution block. From the distro block you branch off to each component.
    Jan Bennett
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      If that what works best I'll look into it! Thanks



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        Originally posted by raisedinal View Post
        If that what works best I'll look into it! Thanks

        it does work the best.
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