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Any forum areas for discussing custom cases?

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  • Any forum areas for discussing custom cases?

    Outside of a few mentionings on Fabrication and the occasional photo on worklogs, is there any area for discussion about creating custom cases for our car pc's? Or are there any good sites in regards to custom cases that you guys recommend?
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    There is a member here by the name of "VeritasForge" that builds excellent custom cases. Give scott_fx a chance to read this and he will back up this guy. Makes great work. Do a search on his name, and you will find his awesome work. Also makes full knights armour, so if you need some cool protection! Protects you from meteors!

    Also "protocase" is another website. I haven't seen any of their work though.

    There is no section devoted to just custom cases, but search for these guys and you will find some specific threads with links to other threads with what you want.

    good luck.
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      I'll second the fact that veritas forge does incredable work... I've been meaning to have him make me a case for the longest time, but my system in that car is just so backed up that it hasn't happened yet.... hopefully soon, but I've been telling him that for like 8 months now
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        Scott_fx was actually one of the reasons I decided to sign up for this forum.
        He did an awesome write-up on C5 Corvette audio over on the CorvetteForum, and linked to this place.

        As I mentioned in my first thread here, I'll be putting the carPC in an '01 Corvette convertible. The case design will be a big part of it. I plan on building up the pc to 'normal' pc standards for the time being, and stowing it away in the back of the car as a mobile media center for when I'm parked and hanging out with friends. I'm likely to wait a year or two before I go about dropping a good chunk of change on speakers, an amp, and one of those fancy transflective screens (never mind the fact I'll have to hack up and redesign the center dash piece on the 'vette). Due to those facts, the case will have to be modular / upgradeable to a degree to allow for the changes that will happen when it's turned into a true carPC.

        (edit) Looked at Veritas' stuff, definitely badass. I'm more likely to be going with an acrylic case, both because of the upgrade possibilities, and because I can heat-bend it into some neat shapes and use some rather cool colors.
        Live to Drive.

        Welding verts or welding steel, it's all the same to me!