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Mutiple Displays - Posible?

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  • Mutiple Displays - Posible?

    I would like to build a TruckPC, yep... for an 18 wheeler; however, DOT requires that the monitor in view of the driver can only display NAV software and MP3 player basically. I would like to have an 8" in the front of the cab and a 20" in the sleeper part of the cab. What I am a little confused about is how do I go about setting up the video part of this? I would like the TV in the sleeper to be able to look and feel like windows but I want the screen in the front of the cab to display nothing other than GPS software and I would like to be able to use both screen simltaneously.

    Basically each screen acts as another computer. I would like to be able to surf the web from the sleeper cab and the driver could would still be able to run the NAV software.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Multiple videocards, or a video card with multiple outputs.

    Then activate them in windows Display properties... Drag what you want to show up in each monitor into each monitor.

    The only thing is... if one of those monitors is ever turned off when Windows boots, it won't detect it and it won't show properly and you'll have to go about dragging everything back to it's proper spots.
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      Ya I have done multiple displays in windows... That is not the problem. Lets say that I have 2 monitors Monitor 1 is in the Cab and Monitor 2 is in the sleeper. If the focus of the program changes within monitor 2 it will affect the use of Monitor 1 as it no longer has focus. If Monitor 1 is a touch screen and someone taps on the screen it moves the mouse pointer to Monitor 1 and now the person in the sleeper would have to move the mouse away from Monitor 1 and onto Monitor 2. Basically I would like to have each display act as a seperate machine, but with only one carputer....


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        If you were using a touchscreen solution for both, you could simply remove the mouse image altogether. Telling windows not to show the mouse. Then it would simply be an issue of making sure they're not touching their monitor at the same time you're touching yours.

        Also keep in mind that StreetDeck allows for usage with Multiple Monitors natively.
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          I hate to even say this, but the only way I know to have this really be perfect is to use 2 pc's.... & it's not as crazy as it may sound...

          truth is, in the end, one PC that will handle all the multitasking will need to be a pretty powerful machine, whereas if each were individual they would need half the power each....

          to this end I think you could do 2 machines, each suited to it's task, & not really spend much more, & be more efficient & be much easier to use & configure...... a small rig up front & maybe something a little more robust in the cab..... I would want the front to come on with the ign & the rear to be manually switched on, unless there's always someone in the back I guess, or another need for it to be on, mine will always come on cause it is a server for my front pc

          these 2 machines could be networked, & all media could go on a networked drive, each PC will be able to access the media, even at the same time, but not be Dependant on the other, nor affect the other... but still be able to interact with each other... all good stuff

          to me this is the right way to do it, anything less will be an annoying struggle & a pain all around, better to plan it from the beginning instead of having to add another pc in a few months anyway
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            I agree with turbocad6. Having a seperate PC for the sleeper would also let you setup and tune your surround sound for when your sitting in the back, and you have a seperate setup for when your driving, giving you great sound no matter where your at in the truck.

            My main concern, back when I was still OTR driver, would be the amount of noise from the electrical system. I would definitly use a requlated power supply.



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              yeah, theres no real easy way to do what you want with one machine. No way at all with windows, really... if you could have two users using one machine microsoft would capitolize on that and charge for two keys.

              linux could probably do it, but it wouldnt be pretty.


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                Thanks for the info guys.... It looks as though I might have to be a pioneer in this sort of thing. I have found some hardware and software solutions to do exactly what I am looking for; however, for the cost I can build another machine. But at least I know it is possible. Here are some links that I have found so far.


                Windows is designed to run multiple applications and why these aren't more popular I don't know. I can definately see the cost savings that this device. This is something that definately needs a little more research.


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                  that second link looks cool to me... I have seen something like this before, but always thought that it would need more resources & be a pain as far as reliabilty... maybe not.... I may look a bit more into this or even try it, but I still think dual pc's may make a better overall system, I mean you'll need a large motherboard & 2 video cards, & they both seem to be pretty specific as to the cards you can use.... definatley cool though & worth looking into

                  hey man, go for it
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                    wonder why no one put this up there..

                    move the gps to one screen, and the other stuff to the other screen?