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To DIN or not to DIN?

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  • To DIN or not to DIN?

    i'm new to the "car PC" world, but i've read a lot on the forums, and i think i'm finally ready to start spec'ing out my first car PC.

    my first stumbling block is a big one - where to put it! i have a 2 door Blazer with an audio system in the hatch... so it seems like my choices are down to: where the head unit is now <or> under a seat (glovebox is way too small... haven't thought about in the console, but seems like a bad idea for airflow).

    the problem is, i'm reluctant to cram a PC under the seat cause it snows pretty bad here in the winter & i'm afraid snow or rain water will get into the case. plus i don't have many places to run cables because of all the cables i've run so far for the audio system.

    and, to make things more complicated, my idea was to swap the PC between my "summer" and "winter" cars, depending on which one i'm driving. but that seems difficult, if not impossible.

    nano-itx seems pretty cool, but before i buy anything, i figured it would be a good idea to get some advice from the experts (i.e. you guys). any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    sounds like under the seat is still a good place for you. You can get cases that fit the min-ITX MB's. VoomPC has a case designed for it. I doubt that under your seat will see enough amounts of water to affect your computer. On the other hand if you're thinking to switch between dummer and winter, maybe a laptop would suit you better but that doesn't solve the problem of screens. You'd either have to get two screens or make your accessible enough to swap between cars. Make sure you read through the FAQ and take a browse through the Project forum. You'll get a great understanding of what is involved and a lot of examples of people who have done it before you. Good luck!


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      well, there aren't a ton of things that can't be made wireless... most trucks have a little pocket in the side of the trunk area that would make a good home for a PC... you've already got power readily accessible from your audio system... and you only have to run two cables to the front... everything else can live in back. You can probably run wire through your headliner if you're truly running out of room on the floor. Nothing's impossible!
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        I do believe that putting your carpc under the seat is not recommended by most people. There are alot of reasons not to. I think there's even a FAQ on it in the faqs section. Anyway, if you're putting in a carpc, you could probably just get rid of the HU, and use the pc instead. Otherwise, putting it in the back owuld work too I think.