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Room in the dash of a '00 Celica?

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  • Room in the dash of a '00 Celica?

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking here for a while and I finally think I've found my perfect setup. I just stumbled across Blk02si's amazing install and think that is definately the way to go for me given my double DIN opening and lack of fiberglassing/bondoing/artistic skills.

    My question is this. Before I go hogwild planning for this thing, has anyone seen a 7th Gen Celica behind the dash? Specifically the area behind the stereo. How much room is back there? I'll find out firsthand soon enough I guess, but if someone here could save me having to rip it apart just to see if its possible, that would be great.

    Thanks guys.

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    Do you have the Haynes or Chiltons manual?

    My suggestion...get one of those two books and pull out the center console and such first....Usually (with most cars) you can pull out the center dash area without pulling out the rest of the dash....the Headunit, climate controls and such.....that should give you a good veiw of behind your dash.


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      It's your lucky day. I have my center console out right now and just ran down to snap some pictures for you. It's very easy to take the center console out. Takes about two minutes


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        Please resize the pics. That's just friggin' insane.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          I can see the individual dust particles!!!
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            There's enough room to put a screen as you can see on the pics above.

            If you want to find out for yourself here's the walkthrough :
            1. grab the plastic around the shifter and pull up, when it snaps out pull back to remove
            2. undo the two screws on the bottom of the HVAC unit
            3. pull the rest out (just clipped in)
            4. admire the nice hole you just made in your dash :-)

            btw : check out the worklog section of the forum, there's a couple of Celicas there.
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              Wow! Thanks for the pics! Looks pretty tight back there. The install I'm referring to is the one in the mustang where the whole computer fits behind the screen in the dash. I'll just pull mine out and have a looksee. Thanks again for the replies and the pics!