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Just a headunit problem

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  • Just a headunit problem

    i got my bypass for the BOSE factory system in my 2001 pathfinder.

    I wired the harness and just gutted the front panel so it all bare.

    i plug the connectors in and start the car and the HU doesnt have power, what is a way to diagnois what is wrong with this setup. when i put all the stock components in it works fine.


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    Do you get any lights at all from the unit? It would be either your ign hookup (if it does have some lights or something at all when off), or your constant 12v hookup if nothing happens no matter what.
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      yea nothing happens no matter what .. and the problem with this wiring is from the stock stuff the ign is wired into 3 different connectors.. would not having the other stuff in the dash hooked up cause any problems. like maybe power is relayed through the GPS unit then to the lower head unit?

      also .. i used a pinch connector from two ends instead of a twist top, would this have any affect on it if the two wires werent touching in the middle?


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        fixed it .. bad ground... love it.