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    I would like to start out by saying this site is amazing. I just found it three days ago and I must have spent forty hours reading through most of the posts. You guys here are great, great ideas, a lot of useful information and almost step by step directions on how to make any car complete. Now to my question I have a sony vaio pcg-grs700 that I would like to put in my blazer, but I have some problems with it. I did extensive researching and I found out that my ram slots have cold welds which make my lappy shut down when it gets hot. Now I have no soldering experience and I really don't want to start with my only laptop. Could someone please help. Either with good products to buy to fix this problem (ie. soldering iron, flux, solder, etc...) or maybe I can ship it to some one to get this fixed. I am willing to pay, but I am a college student with a limited income. Thanks in advance. I LOVE THIS FREAKING SITE.

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    your blazer? isn't that some sort of jumper! lol iono im an aussie and 40 hours man, dedication right their, i dont think the staff at mp3car get training that extensive!

    First off soldering irons dont use flux, solder and soldering iron is all ya need.
    we dont weld wires together coz they melt. lol
    Nar im just messin with ya fella, just joking.

    now i don't exactly understand what the question is. did you want help finding an alternative carPC to use instead of the laptop. or are we trying to find a way to stop the laptop shuting down when it gets too hot?

    have a good one mate
    Scott Hancock


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      Sorry for the confusion. I was talking about fixing this pos. Thanks for the input. If I was to resolder the connections would I have to completely remove the ram socket and resolder all over, how would I take up the existing solder.


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        You are going to try and solder 200pins? That's crazy. Just buy a new stick of RAM. THey are cheap.
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          It sounds like the sockets soldered onto the mobo have bad connections.

          You have the pull the mobo and have the solder reflowed in the same manner it originally was.

          You will have to look but there are folks that can do this kind of thing.

          I had this guy fix my motherboard that had some bad capacitors in it...did a great job.

          I had this guy "Perplexr" at fix the network chip on my XBOX...he also improved my modchip install...again a great job.

          I don't know if they can fix this particular thing, but they did wonderful work, very trustworthy!
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            Thanks for the input, Dodge. I will try them both the worst they can say is no.