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Just drew my wiring plan for my carputer/equipment (comments and criticism please)!

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  • Just drew my wiring plan for my carputer/equipment (comments and criticism please)!

    Hey guys, I've spent most of the past 2-3 days reading the various FAQs and wiring diagrams on this site and I finally drew mine up and I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    I also had a few questions.


    I assume that the USB from the lilliput screen is for the touch capabilities?

    Is a wiring harness necessary? Most of the wiring is going to be in the trunk.

    What is softpower? I've built my own computers before and never heard of this. If anyone could let me know I'd appreciate it.

    Now I already have an amp running from my trunk to my battery, as such I already have battery and remote cables prewired. Would it be possible to tap into the preexisting cabling? Or would that be too much draw?

    Right now my plans are to throw my ATX case into where my wheel well is currently, since shouldn't be an issue and I will have the trunk padded for protection and have it well aerated for cooling.

    From what I've read my current specs for my computer (1.2 GHZ thunderbird, 512mb of PC2700 DDR ram, 100GB WD hard drive and an SB Audigy 2 X-Gamer) is more than sufficient.



    PS I accidentally posted this in general hardware, if a mod sees this please delete the other thread.
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    Can't hardly see the diagram but maybe i can throw some stuff out there that might help..

    Yeah, the USB for the Lilliput is for the touch function.

    On the drawing, there's no power to the monitor.

    It looks like you want to use an Opus 250, how are you going to connect it since you are going to use the whole computer case? Will it fit inside the case?

    You can tap into the cable you already have (as long as it's thick enough) and i would use a distribution block.


    Where are you getting the power for your 4 ch Amp?

    Never heard of "soft power" either

    Wiring harness for what?
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        One thing to remember is your audio. You want 6-ch audio to come out of your system.

        Front left/right
        Rear left right

        However, do not connect the center connection to the sub amp or you'll get some screwy frequencies going through that amp. The high pass filter should cut it out but just better safe then sorry. Just leave it unplugged. If your amp wants a stereo signal, just get a Female-2Male RCA splitter and plug that in.

        Another thing I would recommend is to run all of your USB devices through a USB hub (which may require +5VDC or +12VDC to power but you can get that off the OPUS). You can hide the USB hub somewhere and cut down on some of your cable clutter. Some devices may not like to be plugged in to the hub. For example, the GPS may not function properly if you plan on using a USB to serial driver which is needed for some navigation programs. Also, when you first install Windows, have your USB devices plugged in to where you in intend to keep them. I don't know why but sometimes Windows will only allow a device to work when plugged in to the original USB port; plug in to a different port and no workie (again, this is sometimes).

        Power can be accomplished by running a cable from your battery. Since you are running two amps and an OPUS, I'd recommend atleast a 4AWG cable with a distribution block. If you're only running 8GA cable, I'd recommend upgrading or running a second 8GA cable for the OPUS and other amp. The distro block will allow you to plug your amps and OPUS in to the one line. (4GA to distro / 3 - 8GA from distro to devices). Just pick up a amp installation kit from BestBuy or CircuitCity and you should be good to go. They usually include everything you should need. The hardest part is to get the cable from the engine compartment in to the cabin of the car (through the firewall)...

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