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Dremel Accessories - which are the important ones?

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  • Dremel Accessories - which are the important ones?

    Ok, I'm in the market for a Dremel soon and have come to realise just how many permutations and combinations of the thing are available on the market as far as kits that come with varying numbers and types of accessories. I've done a search and had a bit of a read up, but nothing that really showed what the most useful or perhaps, most applicable accessories are as far as Car and CarPC work goes.

    I'm looking at doing some cutting with it along with plenty of other things i'm sure once i have it, so i want something that is fairly multi-purpose and can hopefully redeem me from dodgy and bodgy looking installations. The question i have is, what would be considered the most important accessories to look for when buying a Dremel, considering its application being primarily Car PC and installation work? If people could point out the name of the accessory, what exactly it does, how such an accessory is advantageous and under what circumstances that would be excellent. Really i'm after an idea of what kit to look at buying first so i don't later go "darn, now i have to go and buy this and this and this and this to go with it".

    Thanks in advance, Bryce.

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    I find the Flex Shaft usefull along with burrs, die grinders and a cutoff wheel.
    If you are cutting metal get reinforced fiberglass Cut-off wheels.


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      They have a better cutting wheel for sheet metal. I'm going to get one for a project I have.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        agreed about the flex shaft. The drum sanders help a lot with the fiberglass sanding. When it comes to tools, the more the merrier. You might not ever use it but hecll it's nice to have.


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          While the battery powered ones are convenient, I found the corded ones more capable for long projects. The only attachments I found very useful were the cutoff wheel, deburring tool, and the flex shaft. Whatever you do, do NOT get the "plunge router attachment"... freaking waste of money.
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            Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
            They have a better cutting wheel for sheet metal. I'm going to get one for a project I have.

            Yeah I love this one. I cut everything with it and do not worry about the flimsy cutters that break and fly all over the place!
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              I have a set of carbide PCB router bits that I use a lot. I bought them from some surplus place, such as:

              They're absolutely great for "roughing out" cutouts/holes in plastic or fiberglass, they cut quickly and I don't have much trouble with the plastic melting. they do "walk" on you quite easily, so you probably don't want to try and cut a straight line or finished shape with them - finish off with something else instead.
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                Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
                They have a better cutting wheel for sheet metal. I'm going to get one for a project I have.
                Are you thinking of the reinforced fiberglass Cut-off wheels? They are lot better then the red disks, they don't break , though they do wear down. They come in packs of 5 unlike the red disks that come 25 or 50 to a pack.


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                  Anyone have good sources for knockoff accessories that are not so dremele-esk inflated price tags?

                  I have gotten some at trade shows ect. But find most to be of subpar quality