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  • Just looking to play music


    I'm essentially looking to put an ipod in my Jeep, but I would like to piece everything together myself.

    My latest thought is a basic computer hard drive, a small screen to browse through folders, and perhaps tapping my cruise control to scroll up/down and select.

    At the moment I'm considering two options:

    1: I have a Pioneer 3700MP headunit with an optional ipod input cable, so an ipod may be a good starting point.

    What are everyone's thoughts on buying an ipod with a damaged hard drive, tearing it apart, wiring up a computer hard drive, and remote mounting the screen? I haven't thought about input yet though, Pioneer ipod control isn't very well thought out and I'd like to do something else.

    2: Assemble a basic computer set up to accomplish the same thing.

    I don't want a full blown car pc or an enormous screen. I drive a Jeep Wrangler, during the summer I will have the top down and my doors unlocked. I'm just looking for the best way to wire up a decent sized hard drive and a way to scroll through and select the music I put on it.



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    Just get this:

    Ipod connection, screen, browse your music like you're using your Ipod. Quickest easiest solution for you.


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      Except for the $450 price tag and having to buy the ipod that goes with it.

      Literally minutes (if not seconds) after I posted, I ran across this in another thread. I was planning to describe something like this as my second or third option, but I didn't think it even existed.

      I'm now thinking the proper media enclosure and a small screen would just about be my dream set up. I'd have to figure out a way to mount it so it can be removed fairly easily to update, but that also gives it the cool factor of hooking it up to a tv and watching movies.

      I'm starting to research my options and I have a few questions-

      What's the proper name for this? Media enclosure, multimedia enclosure? How do I prevent only finding external hard drive enclosures for computers?

      Where would be a good place to find a basic ~4 inch screen? The mp3car store's smallest is 7. I just want to be able to browse through folders and see the current song info, and a large screen kills the stealth effect I pride myself in and rely on for security.

      And, of course, does anyone have experience with these? Maybe not for car use, but perhaps home?




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        There are now some HUs that can read USB drives...flash drives anyway...don't know about HDs.
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