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  • Relocate factory HU

    Has anyone relocated the factory radio in a GM Silverado, Tahoe, etc. that has the factory BOSE sound system without XM? I'd like to move it down to the center console so I can put a screen in the dash. My searches haven't been turning up much yet. I thought I saw this one post, but I can't seem to find it again. Any pics or info would be great.

    And trust me, I have been doing nothing but searching and reading posts for the past few weeks.

    Also, thanks to all of those who post how to's, FAQ's, and general information. I have been doing a lot of reading and have learned a lot.
    2003 Silverado Ext. Cab Z71 - Just getting started...

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    Have you tried pulling the panels and seeing what you have to work with...

    I am sure you will be tight on room anywhere you go, but you will probably be breaking new get ready to party.

    ...note my HU was moved to the cupholder, the ashtray and other stuff removed to fit the LCD monitor.
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      Chev HU relocation

      i'm working on one right now (today i finally got most of the truck put back together) and i have a few pointers for you-- i dont know if they will help too much because i have an '01 Silverado 2500HD; ext cab, short box, 4x4, 6.0sfi...
      I am a new to the site but i did do a lot of home work and i want to/am in the process of doing the same thing you want to do which is not an easy task. i started by pulling out the rear console unit (mine has a lockable compartment- i'm not sure if the 03's have this part) This unit has rear heating ducts that go under the bottom of the storage unit on the l/r sides. The other component is the "divider" between the d/p seats and mine has (from bottom up) cupholders (which has a fair amount of space under it); cd storage, tape deck and then the cig lighter and 12v dc supplys are on top. This second piece to the console can be removed easily also but you do have to take out the center storage unit first. Not to go into excessive detail but these two units are fairly easy to disassemble you just have to look for the screws... The difficult part is getting the wiring harness for the cd/tape/radio/aux HU from up in the top-center of the dash to below (where
      ever you want to mount your unit). I pulled them thru to the bottom (a @#$%^), but possible; and depending make sure you have enough slack to replug in the unit. (I miscalculated and i came up about an 1/8 to short One thing i would especially take note of is that (at least in mine) the foward CCU has a metal bracket that keeps it together and makes it difficult to mount the unit down there. One other factor is the radio antenna cable-- i don't know if it's similar to a co-ax cable but it doesn't have any play. i'll put some pics up so you can see what i'm working with and i hope they help. Also fyi i'm when i started this project i started documenting everything that i did; pics, notes, cost, i'm currently working on a word document that will have everything when i finish so i will post that when i'm done

      In conclusion what you are trying to do is a very daunting task but doable and it should loook really nice when finished. feel free to msg post any questions and i will be glad to help in any way that a can and the last but not least buy this book:

      Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra 1999-2005
      Haynes Repair Manual- Based on a complete teardown and rebuild
      ISBN 1 56392 588 5

      It has a lot of good info on how things come apart and wire diagrams, etc.

      Anyways, best of luck and keep me updated on your progress...
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        chev2500hd that is awesome. Thank you for your reply, all the great info, and pics.
        2003 Silverado Ext. Cab Z71 - Just getting started...


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          fyi, if you go to circuit city you can get the gm to universal antenna cable and then ask for a universal to gm adapter cable and you can chains those together however long you want to where ever you need the cable but i have noticed radio signal strength loss (minor) but noticeable..., pm w/ more serious questions....