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Set up for my Grand National

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  • Set up for my Grand National

    Here is what I was thinking of putting in.

    Lilliput GL701 7 inch Motorized In-dash VGA Touch Screen LCD
    ( the cleanest setup will be an indash hideaway)
    (I also like the idea of it having a radio)

    IBM Think pad A31
    Mobile P4 1.6 ghz (i looked at the power ratings doesnt seem power hungry?)
    18 gb hard drive
    512 Ram
    only have 2 usb drives (boo)

    I have the Docking port for this. Was thinking of building a custom box into the side of the trunk where only the laptop would be visible and accessible to take out. My question here is how does the laptop hold up the vibrations from a sub and road? will it survive?

    Heres what Im looking to accomplish:

    The system to turn on as I am either unlocking the door or using the remote start (which ever is easier)

    To connect the diagnostic computer to the laptop(already have) and display
    it on the indash screen (that would be so clean!!)
    One day get the TPMS for my car (future plan)

    Play saved music on the laptop

    Use the Cigarette lighter USB conversion so that I can easily plug an Ipod or any other USB accessory.

    not really interested in playing or saving movies, just music so hopefully I find a way to make due with the little space I have.

    I have tried downloading the Road Runner V. and all i got was some configure deal, what is that? (sorry I am compurter retarded... di di di) How do I get it to where it looks like a functioning interface? Should I just do it ghetto style and just use winamp to play music? Thou retarded I am very interested in learning


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      Here's the deal, First try reading as much info as possible such on this link here> it is the FAQ located at the top of this page. It host a lot of information and maybe even some answers to some of your questions, Second, It may take a little time for an answer to come back so give it some time, and last, did you try the searching for your vehicle or one of similar style? It can generate some ideas for what you want to do.
      As far as roadrunner try This just in case your answer is there. But the "Configure Deal" just maybe tells RR where everything is, ie. music, video etc. Be a little more descriptive on that. Good luck
      If you cant DODGE em, RAM em.


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        Ive been lurking on here for awhile and never saw those links you posted! I appreciate it and will continue to soak in the knowledge, its just that Im getting anxious to have this setup and running in my car...

        I have tried but found nothing.. most GN owners are older folks with a need for mechanical gauges.. nothing setup like what I want to accomplish...

        My issue with the roadrunner is exactly what you said, its just a pathway router thingy-ma-jigger....

        Saw you have a Ram.. thats nice.. even though Ive joined the darkside my heart still belongs to Mopars...


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          Just trying to help ya out before the flamers get to ya. I understand the impatience I was there once, shoot! still is. The GN is still a sweet ride I always liked them and love to see them at Milan Speedway here.

          My issue with the roadrunner is exactly what you said, its just a pathway router thingy-ma-jigger....
          Are you having issues with the RR config?
          If you cant DODGE em, RAM em.


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            Thanks, so many people take their knowledge for granted and start ripping into us noobs so i appreciate it...

            It was exactly what you had said... I still needed to download the actual software, what i had downloaded was only part of it..