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  • Project MAzda 3

    I'm the happy owner of a used 2005 hatch 3... and after one week i've got a nice system almost ready to go into the car. Here's what I've got so far:

    CARPUTER: Maxspeed/Maxterm 8300 with Embedded Windows XP (4GB HD/512ssd)
    Play Station2, wireless remotes

    8inch touch VGA

    USB Hub with bluetooth, Audio, Mic, 3 USB,

    GPS usb

    2x 6" two input RCA SCREENS

    SoundStorm Video Amp

    PAC Line out Converter (LOC OEM-2)

    450 5 channel amp JL speakers and subs

    2x REAR VIEW CAR BACKUP CAMERA (100 degree viewing angle)

    __________________________________________________ ______
    Here's where I need help. I plan on doing this one time... unlike my last car which was a constant work.
    I'll be fabricating in the rearview screens and the in dash touch. and i'll be making a hub relay station from the cup holders.I need two main solutions:

    1. What to use for an audio interface?

    These are my two top contenders:

    I would like two audio inputs, so i can run just an iphone/pod if desired, but not necessary.

    2. how the hell do i power all this?

    I'd like a power solution with "memory" ie. i want to start the car and have all the gear turn on in the configurations i want (the rear view monitors turn on and go to video input1, the main monitor turn on, PC start up automatically).

    What are your experiences? I've looked in to inverters and dc-dc power supplies. (i have an inverter that powers the PlayStation) Can i hook up a DC-DC supply to my carputer? It's a Maxspeed 8300.

    any feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Many thanks!!
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