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Proposed component diagram - any problems?

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  • Proposed component diagram - any problems?

    I think I'm ready to start buying the components to my CarPC, but wanted to check with you guys first to see if I'm missing something obvious. Here's what I'm thinking:

    Anybody see any problems or things I could improve on? I'm excited to get started!

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    I don't really see any problems. What I would suggest is simply listing more specific components because even though your picture is very nice, it doesn't really address how you plan on powering your laptop or getting audio to your speakers. If this is just because you haven't got there yet, that's perfectly fine, but we can help you more the more we know.

    On what you did address: that gps receiver is said to be one of the best, the eyetoy camera is very flexible and powerful but you should specify what you want to do with it, that's a pretty slick bt dongle, your mic looks fine, we can offer suggestions for your OBDII if you would like such as OBDPros which work pretty well, the hd radio should be good with the cable you have mentioned.

    About the screen it might be a PITA to get it to boot to the touchscreen properly but i'm sure it can be done.

    Also you might need a usb hub depending how many usb ports you have on your laptop.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for your reply. I'm planning on using the Eyetoy as a rear-view camera. I'm definitely going to need a USB hub or two - this laptop only has two USB ports. I'm definitely planning on updating with some more detailed information once I figure it out...I just wanted to throw up what I had to see if I was way off-base with something.


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        i see one, or to be exact 2 in that the laptop only has 2 usb ports, my step dad has the same laptop and the 2 usb ports it has are under powered as it is (it won't even power his usb tv tuner card), so plugging in an usb hub might not work, try looking into a powered usb hub, or maybe the docking station might help (if you have one).
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          Just spent a minute looking up the eyetoy thread I saw earlier. Here it is.

          Let me know if you have any other questions. Although the best way to learn is really to search the boards.