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  • My proposed setup

    This is the setup I am putting together to install in a 2009 Chevy Cobalt SS. It has an integrated Amp built in. The PC will be in the trunk.
    I am using a Mini ATX setup because I already have one that is not used for much else. I know it is over kill for this, but at least I do not have to buy a new computer. It is mounted in a low profile case.

    Car Computer.pdf

    Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed.

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    Looks good. Nice planning w/ the PDF. The HD Radio receive hooks into the stock antenna line, so you may want to move it as usually that line is in the dash (though maybe it runs to the back of your vehicle and your going to tap in there?


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      Yeah everything looks good. I'm not sure how well your gps is going to work off of a hub, so that may be one thing to look into.


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        Thanks for the feedback.
        KiaTuner, the antenna is on the trunk and I have a patch cable to unplug the original cable and install the patch cable. It is all available from inside the trunk, but I can move it to the dash if I have to.
        b3tts32, if the GPS antenna does not work from the hub, I can attach it to the PC and mount it in the rear window.


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          Yea I would attach as much as you can in the back, directly into the computer. Other than that it looks pretty good to me. Nice PDF too, did you just use acrobat to make that?
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