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2009 Mini Cooper Setup

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  • 2009 Mini Cooper Setup

    Alright so I wouldn't be posting in the newbie forum if I wasn't a newb, so I don't need to explain that. I have a 2009 Mini Cooper that's about eight months old now and instead of purchasing the $2000 Nav System, $500 Sat Radio, etc for my car new I've settled on setting up my own system.

    I happen to have an extra Intel based Mac Mini lying around so that shaves a good bit off my up-front price. I'm going to replace the 80GB 7400RPM HD in it with a 60GB OCZ SSD for cooling and motion purposes. I was also planning on running a shaved down version of Windows XP Pro on it for compatibility reasons, maybe I'll switch back when I can find (or make) a better Mac OS frontend.

    Here's what I have in mind so far:
    Intel based Mac Mini
    OCZ 60GB SSD
    Lilliput EBY701 7" VGA Touchscreen
    Carnetix 2140 PSU
    Mac Mini Power Adapter for Carnetix PSU
    BU353 GPS Receiver
    XMPCR Satellite Radio
    Powered USB Hub
    Mac Mini Mount
    Proclip Mount

    Now here's the plan. I'd like to mount the Lilliput using a Proclip mount if that's possible. I'd also like to mount the Mac Mini itself under the passenger seat, I've seen a few threads involving setups in Mini Coopers but I have yet to see anyone use this space.

    Here are my main questions:
    • What type of mount from Proclip fits the Lilliput monitors if there is one?
    • Do you think the space under the passenger seat will work well?
    • Are there any other concerns I should be aware of?

    Thanks in advance for your help, I know that the Mini isn't exactly a 'universal' car so running wiring and such could be tough. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Cool mount. I just bent a bunch of L brackets but that is much more precise.

    You don't have to swap out your drive. My Mini has never missed a beat in several years of use in the car.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      I know I probably but don't need to swap it out, but I'd also prefer the virtually negative seek time of the SSD. Good way to speed up my boot speed too IMHO.


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        Corc, did you ever find out what Proclip mount would work for the Lilliput 7" touchscreen? I just got my EBY701 to go in my 09 MINI Cooper S and I think a proclip would be the best way to mount the display. If you didn't use a Proclip, what did you use instead?

        Thanks for your help!