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  • Apple TV in the Dub

    well hello there!

    so heres what I wanted:

    ability to play music wirelessly from iphone
    something custom and unique

    so heres the plan: (feel free to point out any flaws!)

    inverter) plugged into ACC open fuse in the car to allow for power only when key is in ACC position. It will also power my router, ATV and monitor

    LCD) Im not sure what kind i would like to go with yet, but was looking at the XENARC 700YV. I dont need touchscreen since i plan to use my iphone for all of the input. I will be using 2 inputs in to the screen as well. I will talk about this more later.

    Airport Express) This is necessary to allow the iphone and atv (apple tv) to be on the same network and to let the "remote" application to work properly.

    ATV) This will be the largest size GB available, and will output in composite rgb video and in composite audio. (rca) The ATV will output directly to a switch that controls the output. (either iphone or atv) then the switch outputs to the amp and lcd.

    iphone) The idea with the iphone is to use a mix of applications to make this carPC unique and one of the best. Unfortunately, these options on the iphone is what make this plan a little complicated. The idea is to use "remote" app to control and have access to the entire apple tv. another application i would like to utilize is called "screensplitter" this app allows the iphone to output a mirror image of the screen to an outside TV. (or in this case the LCD) I would use this option for things like GPS navy. one more app is iheartradio, so unfortunately this means that i would have to output the music directly from the iphone as well, creating another switch between the iphone and apple tv.

    The switches, RBG and RCA) ok well im sure you are confused by now about what im trying to get at, but in an effort to clear things up i will go over it again.

    2 inputs for audio, ATV and iphone, 1 out, amp and speakers
    2 inputs for video, ATV and iphone. 1 out, LCD screen

    The switches allow me to choose which i will be using at a given time and allow more applications and options to be available.

    After gojng through the composite RGB switch, the signal needs to be converted to VGA for the LCD,

    The audio plugs straight into the amp, and is played through the music circles(speakers)

    The amp) I will be using the ACC that is powering the inverter to be the remote turn on for the amp. The amp will otherwise be wired as usual from the battery

    and the questions:

    What is the best 7" monitor for daytime viewing ( i dont need touchscreen capabilities)