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Help with my Carputer setup

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  • Help with my Carputer setup

    Hey guys, I'm new to these forums. Not new to computers, but new to running this type of system in my car. My goal is to not use a standard car reciever for music and to just run everything through my computer. I want to be able to run all car tuning related programs with it (fuel management, etc.), use XM, WiFi, etc. Basically want everything done through this one central unit.

    I plan on getting the Power Bundle Mobile Car Computer System, with XP Pro, Centerfuse Navigation, and an 80GB Solid State Drive, the Xenarc 702TSV VGA Touchscreen monitor, the MJS-XMD2 XM Mini-tuner USB interface, the Intel PRO/Wireless Network Card 3945ABG, and the Rooftop GPS/Cellualr/PCS/WiFi Antenna.

    I am having trouble picking the best soundcard for my car audio. I will be using Focal K2 Power 165 KRX3 Component Speakers in the front, no rear speakers, a Focal Utopia Be 33WX2 13" Subwoofer, and Focal FP 1.800LE and Focal FP 2.75LE amplifiers. As you can see I want the best sound quality possible. Any suggestions for a soundcard or DAC?

    Any other help you guys can give about things I may need to connect my whole car to this system, tips, suggestions, is greatly appreciated.

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    so, have you done the ls7 swap? pics?

    there really is no single card i would say is hands down 'The Best'. each card has different features and hookup options-- if at all possible, if you have the space, i would recomend a internal card(pci/pci-e, etc..) over a usb/firewire solution, and would recommend a ht omega or Maudio card (i use a esi usb card, so take it w/ a grain of salt...) over any creative solution-- creative cards seem to have driver issues that take forever to get resolved.

    usb/firewire list of available cards(all of the manufacturers listed here also make internal sound cards, so you could use this list for that):

    also, are you planning on running full active through the computer, or will you be using the crossovers on the amps? if you are interested in running a active setup through the computer, look into either 'Console' or 'AudioMulch'. Both are programs that would allow you to modifiy the audio before it ever leaves the computer using vst plugins.

    as far as i can tell, the programs are very similar, though, these programs are like comparing a honda civic and a toyota corrolla, or the mac/pc debate-- both do the same thing, and both have the power to do it, but have slight variations that might sway you either way. i am using console, so i feel that is the better option, but there are plenty of users here that use audio mulch, so it apparently is not a horrible program .
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      Thanks for the info soundman, I will check out those products. The LS7 engine swap is scheduled to start in a couple weeks, and will probably take around a month to finish. I can't wait. Pics will be up as soon as possible. Any other info or tips for this complete car system is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.