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  • Advice/Help for a First Timer...

    So I have the base set up for a new system in my car.

    I am still working on the pc itself, but I have some questions before I complete that build.

    Mainly, do I need a sound card, or can I get away with the on board audio of this motherboard.

    ZOTAC Motherboard

    Other then that my system consists of the following...

    JL W1v 10" Sub
    Alpine PDX-5 75w x 4 and 300w x 1 amp
    Tsunami Lite Wave Capacitor
    JL TR050-CT1/2" Tweaters (possibly two sets one for up high one for the floor boxes)
    JL TR600-CXi 6 1/2" 2-way speakers
    JL TR525-CXi 5 1/4" 2-way speakers

    What I am considering in addition to this, depending on the requirements, is adding 2 more 6" speakers wedged in the front right and front left corners of the floor area in the passenger and drivers side of the car. In addition to the 6"ers I would add 2 more tweeters.

    So in total up front, there would be the door speakers, the floor boxes, and then the tweeters up high.

    In the back there would be door speakers, and speakers in the very rear on the roof and then the sub mounted in the back next to the right rear window.

    All of this would be attached to a car pc somehow, no idea how it would need to be set up, wether through a sound card, or just the built in.

    Also no idea how the wiring of it all would need to be laid out/fused.

    I will be running it right from the red top under the hood, also have no idea how to best do this. I want to avoid splicing into lines that are already there AT ALL COSTS.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    look here for some generic info on connecting a carputer to a sound system:

    other than that, it is really personal preferance wheather the onboard sound is good enough for you. it is usually at least adequate(it emits sound), and most do not have a problem with it. you can always add a soundcard in later, so try the onboard first, and if it is too poor for your tastes, upgrade.
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      moving to the newbie section, under proposed setups.
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        Thanks for the move.

        Soundman, thanks for the general advice, I figured that much, I am more curious about how to set the entire thing up. Wiring wise. Maybe a diagram would help me, no idea where to begin with that though.


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          its all explained in the adv. faq(link at the top, in the middle):

          unlike other sites, the faq here is really helpfull
          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
          carpc undecided


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            reading it over now, have some crazy thoughts in mind.

            Such as using this

            Touch Book

            Instead of a full on pc with touch panel...

            No idea how I'd get the music off it to play through the speakers I am setting up in the car though...


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              As long as the computer has some type of audio out jacks (such as the usual 1/8" headphone jacks), then this will get the sound to the speakers: