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Newbie and my setup (maybe?)

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  • Newbie and my setup (maybe?)

    So I've done quite a bit of research and I put together a list of all the parts I'll need along with sites to buy from and prices on them. I was just hoping for some advice from people who have used them and from people who have used other parts that have the same function but may work better. Thanks for any input/advice!


    Computer From A Friend - 200 (unsure of complete specs but he said something like 3.2 ghz processor, 2gb ram, 500gb hard drive, 512mb video card and a sound card that is apparently top of the line but I'm not sure on it. He has yet to turn the computer on as he won it at a gaming convention and already has his 4 pc's hooked up and didn't want to deal with it. He will be helping me with wiring as he is very good at wiring/electrical work)

    Power: (I know inverters are looked down upon by some but a pure sine will work well with computers and I intend to run my xbox in the car so I'll need an inverter for that anyways along with any other random things I'd like to run such as a phone charger)

    600 Watt Aims Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 220

    Inverter Remote Switch - 20

    150 Amp Fuse - 15

    Screen: (Looks like a good screen and I've seen others use it so it seemed to fit my needs. I would have liked a single din but they are much more expensive if you actually want a quality one.)

    Lilliput 7" 629GL-70NP (Auto Backup Camera Switch) - 260

    Front End:

    Centrafuse Navigation - 130

    WiFi Reciever: (Wondering how these work and how their signal distance is)

    WiFi USB Adaptor - 30

    GPS Reciever:

    BU-353 Weatherproof GPS Reciever - 36

    Bluetooth: (Also wondering about microphones/how to get my phone so that it's handsfree and I can just talk while I'm sitting without a bluetooth headset.)

    USB Bluetooth Dongle - 8

    Backup Camera:

    Infrared/Nightvision 1" Camera - 40

    Radio: (Also open to suggestions I don't know much about getting radio going maybe XM I'm not sure)

    Radioshark2 AM/FM Radio/Tuner - 37


    LG USB External DVD Drive - 60


    Xbox 360 System - Already Owned

    Total System Cost - 1026 pretty good imo for what it is.

    So any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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