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  • How am I doing?

    Here is my plan:

    used Opus 180 watt DC-DC $50
    Foxconn 45CSX atom 330 motherboard + 2Gig DDR2 800 Ram $112
    Infinity Ref 475A 4 channel amplifier $56
    250 gig 2.5 in sata hdd $onhand (pulled from WD passport)

    Need to buy:
    Screen probably 7 inch to match double din opening.
    distribution blocks
    4 gauge amp install kit i.e. the wires
    vga cables
    usb cables
    gps dongle
    radio solution

    So I found some wood at work. I am installing in a 2002 cavalier. I am going to cut the wood to fit the back of the back seat. I am going to mount the amp and dist blocks to the wood. I am going to put four bolts into the wood before I mount it. These four bolts will match up to a piece of plexiglass with four holes at the four corners. The plexiglass will have standoffs drilled and installed in the places my mobo and ps dictate. The mobo and ps and hard drive will mount to the plexi. Does this make sense? good idea or bad idea? I am thinking it should work just fine but I am not sure. What would you do instead? I have other options but this seems most likely to me. I am on the hunt for the plexiglass now. How thick do you think would be ideal here? 1/4"? I am going to be mounting everything maybe just beyond vertical. is that a problem? The mobo has no fans is that ok? I'm still not sure how to mount the wood to back of the back seats either.

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    I built a plexiglass case for a file server I have now. been running it for years without any problems. I suppose any sort of friction that would cause static would be bad. My case doesn't ever move so idk. I'm playing around with epoxy and an amp case now. If you can fit everything in there, it may be a nice option. You can even use it as a big heat sink to spread cpu heat around...
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      I think you got the wrong link kev. That's for an electric car conversion...still cool though.