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2007 Cobalt - 1st install - suggestions?

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  • 2007 Cobalt - 1st install - suggestions?

    Hey all,

    I've been looking into installing a carpc in my car for a while now and after alot of reading here, I think I'm ready to make the jump. I've included my current parts list below.

    Any suggestions on these parts? Any alternatives that are better or cheaper ? Did I miss anything?

    PC Hardware:
    MoBo (ZOTAC IONITX-F-E): 189.99 - Link
    RAM (DDR2 800): 102.99 - Link
    SSD (OS): 135.00 - Link
    HDD (Data): 79.99 - Link
    Case (Black Box): 74.99 - Link
    PSU (M2-ATX): 69.99 - Link

    GPS Reciever (BU-353): 35.99 - Link
    HD Radio (BoomzBox_HD): 179.00 - Link
    GM Antenna Adapter: 12.99 - Link
    Cigarette Lighter USB: 24.99 - Link
    USB DVD Drive: 69.98 - Link
    3.5mm Headphone jack mount : 2.00 - Link - Would rather something in north america/no soldering required

    Cobalt Wiring Harness (GMOS-LAN-03 - EBAY ~$120)
    Powered USB Hub (Link - $85.00) -- Would like something I can make myself or a cheaper option

    Already own:
    Monitor 7" LILLIPUT EBY701

    Still to be decided / will decide later:
    Power Wire
    Fuses/Power Distribution Blocks


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    Looking good. A couple things to consider:

    1- why 4 gigs of RAM? While I do think you should take advantage of the dual channel ddr chipset of your mobo, if you are planning on running XP, it will slow down your hibernate and resume times. If you are planning on running something like LinuxICE, no problem, load it up. Also, vista/7 may not suffer from the same symptom as XP, but idk for sure, i don't run either of them.

    2- You don't have to get the expensive aftermarket harness. Most of the GM-based installs I've seen (mine included) skip it and buy a cheap ebay harness for 10 bucks. I'd only spend that money if somehow the door chimes made me fall in love every time i heard them. They sound nice, but not $100+ nice.

    3- Why do you need a powered hub? the ION comes with lots of usb ports. I'd be surprised if you needed another powered hub.

    4- What trim cobalt do you drive?

    Forgot to mention, I *love* the zotac ION board. Sadly, LinuxICE requires some tweaks to make it run properly. If you do decide to go down that route, I have some chevy theme'd splashes I can share .
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      I haven't really decided what OS i would's probably going to be XP or 7 to begin with. I want to try linux but it's still a big unknown for me so I want to get my head around all the new CarPC info then get into fiddling with the install. I hadn't really given much thought to the 4GB RAM bring up a good poing. If I stick with XP then I'll just go with 2GB but if I go with 7 then I'll probably get 4.

      For the harness, do the cheap ones retain the turn signal clicker? That's the only thing I think I would really miss. I'm still undecided as to whether I should splurge for this or not.

      As for the powered hub...I was planning on putting my PC in the trunk and running only the necessary cables for the monitor, radio, iphone USB, and USB CD/DVD Drive. I really wanted to avoid running 3+ USB cables to the front of the car if possible and I thought an un-powered USB hub wouldn't supply enough power to the devices. What do with think the best option would be here? I'm not definitely 100% set on keeping my PC in the trunk, it's just that I can't think of a more suitable place in the front.



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        No, you will loose the turn signal noise. It wasn't a big deal breaker for me. When I'm just changing lanes, i can tap my signal knob and it'll blink for like 5s then turn itself off. Only while stopping to make a right/left turn i switch it all the way on. And coming out of the turn almost always turns it off. but I've trained myself to always check regardless. And when I screw up, eventually the flashing lights get my attention.

        Looks like from your selection of hardware choice, that fast booting is important to you. That's why I recommended LinuxICE. I'm sure your hardware will boot XP or 7 fast as well. Just not as fast.
        Former author of LinuxICE, nghost, nobdy.
        Current author of Automotive Message Broker (AMB).
        Works on Tizen IVI. Does not represent anyone or anything but himself.