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2002 Toyota Highlander Build

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  • 2002 Toyota Highlander Build

    Hello All,

    I'm new to the CarPC world... I come here asking for some advice. This will be my first time to ever attempt to install a PC in my car so I want to make sure everything goes smoothly and everything is tested and working properly when done.

    Basically I would like to know what a really good set up would be. I will basically need a HOW-TO since this is my first time. I have built many desktop systems in my life but never a CarPC.

    I use my iPhone to get internet on the laptop in my car now but I'm wanting to replace the head unit and go full out PC. Right now I have the factory head unit with the JBL Factory System. I am have installed two MTX Jackhammer 12" and the MTX Jackhammer JH600. Do I need to wire it differently since I have the system in the car?

    I want to keep my subs and the amp, no doubt about it. I want the PC for Navigation, Maps, DVD's, MP3's, Games, etc... Basically to entertain the Wife and Kids on road trips.

    I am thinking about Buying CLEAR internet for the car.

    Here's what I think I need, any links or brand suggestions would be awesome and greatly appreciated!

    1. Mobile PC Case
    2. Motherboard
    3. Processor
    4. RAM
    5. DVD Drive
    6. Sata HD
    7. Touchscreen Monitor
    8. Optional Mouse and Keyboard
    9. Mobile PC power supply
    10. Headrest Monitors, not touch screen
    11. Windows 7!
    12. External HD in the Console Strictly for Music and Movies, could also sync wirelessly from the Driveway to avoid this puchase.

    Where are the best mounting areas in an SUV? What's the best way to wire everything to keep the option to remove the PC later? Sorry for all of the questions but I figure it's better to ask now than to be sorry later.

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    a lot of questions can probably be found at this link, if only the link was easier to find...:

    for a easy to install/remove solution, i would recommend going with a small netbook.

    the install location can be anywhere it fits-- the most common places is the glovebox, center console, under a seat, or in the back cargo area in a unused cubby.

    most of the hardware you pick is personal preferance-- if a netbook wouldn't work for you, than you could use a bundle from the mp3car store, or build your own.

    1. case: i don't use a case, so i can't recommend any(i hear mo-co-so cases are nice).
    2. mobo: i like my zotac 9300...
    3. processor: my pentium dual core is nice, but overkill for most installs. and board with a integrated processor would be fine
    4. ram: it is typically recommended to use about a gig, but i use 2..
    5. dvd: i like usb dvd drives-- they are easy to install/remove...
    6. hdd: i only recommend seagate 2.5" drives, but anything with enough capacity will work(if you have some spare 3.5" that would work fine)
    7. monitor: if you have a double din slot, i would recommend the bolt in double din monitor from the mp3car store:
    8. kb/mouse: i keep a wireless keyboard/touchpad in the back seat for this:
    9. power supply-- this depends on what route you would go: a netbook/laptop would probably use a carnetix 19volt power supply, and a normal pc would probably use a m1/2/3/4, or dsatx power supply..
    10. there are some usb monitors on the market, though, they don't do to well with video, so you might just end up using a vga splitter, and 2 more vga monitors..
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      OHHHH this install is right up my alley!

      1. Mobile PC Case = Build your own
      2. Motherboard = I recommend the Zotac 9300, awesome and fast board
      3. Processor = Dual Core is more then enough, but if you want overkill go with a quad core S.
      4. RAM = 2 is great, 4 is better! Although it may take longer to hibernate with 4 gigs.
      5. DVD Drive = you dont really need it, maybe to install programs at first, but after that it will not be used much unless your a movie buff, and even then its easier to rip the movies onto a media drive then carrying around DVDs.
      6. Sata HD = Go with a SSD drive for your OS and main programs, and for all your media, go with a 2.5 drive.
      7. Touchscreen Monitor = I use a Lilliput EBY701
      8. Optional Mouse and Keyboard = Maybe this? I use a backlit one from the same company, but looks like they dont make it anymore. For media I use a Windows media style remote with a built in mouse.
      9. Mobile PC power supply = Id go with a M4-ATX, but if you dont mind getting the Cadillac of PSUs, go with the OPUS 360.
      10. Headrest Monitors, not touch screen = I would just get the touch screen versions, they are very cheap. Here is the link, comes with headrest shroud and all. Now to get these to work good, you are also going to have to buy a powered VGA splitter. Non powered VGA splitters tend to screw up the image on one or both screens. Because these screens are so cheap, you can simply leave the USB cable unplugged to make them non touch. I am guessing you have kids and dont want them pushing and messing something up.
      11. Windows 7! = H3ll yes..... get Win 7 and use Hybrid sleep for instant on feature.
      12. External HD in the Console Strictly for Music and Movies, could also sync wirelessly from the Driveway to avoid this puchase. = I would spend the money and have a dedicated drive for media. Drives are so cheap now a days. You dont need anything fancy.

      PS: Never mind.... here is the keyboard I use. Works very well, and it uses replacable batteries. i notice devices that need to be recharged arent good in the car enviroments. So this one will be better.
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