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  • 2000 cavalier

    i need to know how to wire a new deck to my 2000 chevy cavalier. i have already taken the dash out. i took the old deck out but i cut the wires wich i now think might be bad. i tried to directly wire the old wires to the ones on the new deck. i got the back light on the new deck to light up but thats it.

    if anyone knows what i did wrong or knows what i should do please let me know. and in lamens terms im only 16

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    1 - This is a community focused on vehicle computers.
    2 - This is posted in a forum where people can request input about a proposed vehicle computer setup.

    You have exhibited far too much fail in this thread.

    The easiest way to wire a headunit into ANY vehicle is to purchase a wiring harness that mates directly to the factory harness and requires no cutting of wires.
    So yeah, cutting was bad.

    I suggest Googling for information about the wiring of your year/make/model vehicle and using that to help wire up your headunit.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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