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Rio RS Build Using Acer Aspire Netbook

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  • Rio RS Build Using Acer Aspire Netbook

    I've read through the FAQs and I think I have an idea of what is needed/required.. but I'd like some feedback as to how feasible this.

    I am purchasing a Kia Rio RS from a coworker sometime in the next few months and I have an extensive music collection. However, in terms of cars themselves I'm pretty uneducated. My cousin, who is a gearhead, would be helping me with the technical stuff while I'm pretty proficient in computers and networking.

    The basic is this:

    An Acer Aspire One (D250) mounted in the truck (either hardmounted or via docking port), running music to the car audio to a front mounted touchscreen controller. The main features I am looking for is an easily-controlled dash interface, wifi from the PC to sync music from my home network (preferably automatically), and capacity to carry high amounts of music.

    I picked the netbook because storage is high (160GB), the processor is relatively fast (1.33Ghz / 1GB DDR2 RAM) and power consumption is low as it uses the new Intel Atom processor. The package is very small, since it has it's own 10.1" screen, and a VGA out port, 3 USB ports, and an SD card reader. It already comes pre-loaded with windows XP home as well. The video/sound quality isn't massive as it's all embedded but since video playback and gaming are not on my high priority list, this is a non-issue. An external sound card could possibly be used if that is required.

    I plan to use an Opus DC-DC PSU to handle the power for the unit as well as to prevent a full discharge of the car battery.

    So the real questions I have are:
    >How to hard-wire startup of the netbook, so as turning on my car causes it come out of hibernation (in the case of a hardmount)?

    >In this situation, do I need to keep the current headunit in place? Or would simply replacing it by the touchscreen display work better?

    >What front end unit would work best for a simple setup like this? I've read some good reviews of Frodoplayer and RoadRunner but I really don't understand the differences verywell.

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    So the netbook will be using a separate touchscreen?
    I'm not sure what you mean by a 'touchscreen controller'. Touchscreen controllers go between the USB interface and the touch glass, but it seems you're referring to some sort of touchscreen headunit?

    There are probably touchscreen kits for your netbook, that's an option, unless you really don't want the netbook up front.

    I'm docking, not hardmounting my One, so I'm manually starting it. I'd assume you'd want to wake on hardware activity (like wake on lan or usb etc), if it was hard mounted.

    If you're not using an external amplifier, you would keep the headunit.

    As for frontends, Centrafuse is fairly easy to set up but costs $$$, RideRunner is free but trickier to set up, and that's about as far as my knowledge of frontends goes.
    The choice of front end is basically personal preference.
    If you're only doing music you could get away with a simple media player instead of a full frontend, but then again you need big buttons for touchscreen...
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